Productive Struggle

Poop Power!

poop scoop pic.jpg

For anyone involved in “horsekeeping”, you know that poop scooping (also called shoveling sh** ) is a never ending opportunity!

 While scooping this morning I was pondering my latest read; The Adversity Advantage by Paul Stoltz & Erik Weihenmayer. Of particular interest was the Adversity Quotient (AQ). People with a high AQ use adversity to accelerate their development. In the process of adversity, they unleash tremendous energy and innovation and actually gain momentum (pg xxi).  HMMM this sure sounds a lot like the Productive Struggle students experience in Horse Powered Reading activities!

Now back to my poop scooping metaphor for today –

Instead of feeling sorry for my self out there in the heat scooping poop, I thought about how Adversity (any challenge in your life) can actually serve as fuel if we allow it to be converted into positive energy, growth, strength, and peace! (Sounds like Romans 5:3 “…we also rejoice in our suffering…”)

If the horse poop were simply scattered into the dry sandy arena, flies are attracted, neighbors don’t appreciate the stench, it looks ugly, and people step in it! However, when the same poop is gathered and composted, it slowly turns into rich fertilizer sought after by gardeners! That nasty stuff becomes the fuel to nurture and grow beautiful flowers and delcious vegetables. In my case, it is also an opportunity for exercise, sunshine and peaceful meditation. 

Who could imagine so much power in poop?!?!  Leave it to God to turn gross, smelly, waste into something so amazing?!!?!

Be Blessed,