Start - Use - Do


START where you are!!

Nothing can begin until you do!

Every journey begins with just one step. When Jesus healed the man with the withered hand, he said to the man, “stretch out your hand!” What would have happened if that man had said “What are you talking about – can’t you see it’s crippled? I can’t – I won’t do it!“.

Only YOU can make take that first step, plan your first activity! No one else can do it for you.

 Use what YOU HAVE! 

I only remember one cheer from my single semester as a cheerleader in high school,

What do we got?

We got a lot!

We’ve got a team that’s Red Hot!

Not great grammar, but so true! Most of us are incredibly blessed! So, how are you going to USE what you have? It is not necessary to go out and buy lots of new tools and toys to do HPR. Just look around and see what you already have. I started out using boards, fence posts and empty cat litter buckets (actually, I still use cat litter buckets LOL).

DO what you can!

In the iconic words of the famous commercial: “JUST DO IT“.

I’m quite sure you know much more than you give yourself credit for, and way more about Horse Powered Reading than your client. They don’t know (or need) all the things you still need/want to learn. It would only confuse them. Take whatever you DO know, and DO something with it! Make a difference in someone’s life!


YOU Have the POWER to give HOPE and HELP to struggling students!

 START where you are - USE what you have – DO what you can!!