Get Some Grit

Poor Bailey went to visit the neighbor’s horses by slip-sliding across a massive ice-field that developed during something Minnesotans often experience in winter: a cycle of big snow > short thaw > quick freeze. The small pasture just past the gate had good footing from leftover fall grass. There were even a few edible morsels to nibble . However, after a couple days, I noticed Bailey was still standing alone, way across the ice field, away from the round bale feeder and water. I felt awful we hadn’t noticed her away from the hay sooner. Yikes! I bundled up, got a halter, and went to make sure she was OK… and barely made it across that ice field without landing on my bum. Poor girl, I could see it in her eyes, she was afraid to step back out on the ice! This is Miss Piggy I’m talking about; she who never misses a meal!! After apologizing for not coming sooner, I put her halter on and with a little coaxing, we inched our way along the fence where a little sand peeked through the snow and finally made it to the water and hay. Whew!

As I thought about it later, I wondered what “ice field” is frozen between me and my goals or dreams? Sometimes, I take on a fun exciting project, but before I can get to it, everything freezes up and I’m stuck. I just can’t find the courage or GRIT needed to get back out on the slippery slope to follow through. Do you ever feel like that? Maybe you completed college or training for a new venture, (maybe even Horse Powered Reading?) but then got “cold feet” when out of nowhere a sudden freeze hit. NOW what do you do?

What we did was buy 25 bags of “Grit”. It is actually for chickens - they eat it so their gizzard can grind their food -but it’s also great to keep from slipping on ice. It gives the horses enough traction so they can get moving again. We spread it between the water, hay feeder, and shed.

Where do you find the grit you need to keep going when things get slippery? Maybe like Bailey, you have a friend to partner with or serve as an motivator. A terrific book called Grit by Angela Duckworth describes how important that kind of perseverance or grit is for success. It only develops through hard work and determination, but the rewards will “feed” you in lots of ways.

Oh - and by the way, Bailey didn’t learn her lesson the first time. I had to escort her across the ice two more days until she got her footing. So don’t give up! Phone a friend, get your hands on some Grit, and go for your goals!