What's BUGGING you???

tail swish.jpg

It’s that time of year again in Minnesota! Tails are swishing and swatting! Biting flies and mosquitoes torment the horses. They drive Flynn bonkers!  He wants to get out on the pasture to enjoy fresh grass, but after a few minutes he comes roaring like a freight train back to the sandy, safe arena trying to run away from the flying monsters.  Sometimes he rolls and rolls trying to squash them. But he just gets really dirty & dusty!

What’s bugging you?  So any of these behaviors sound familiar in your life? Biting bugs aren’t a surprise. They are a constant annoyance that comes every year. The funny thing is, all it takes is a thin coating of good bug repellent and AHHHH they can get back to the work of enjoying their grass!

So – lessons for humans:

>   ID the bugs and situations/times that they are most likely to attack;

     o   Then simply plan ahead – what attitude or behavior will protect me from the frustration of little biting bugs?

     o    Sometimes it only takes a bit of thankfulness for the joy of grazing/working in a great pasture/job.

>  Don’t forget to put the bug repellent in your ears too.

     o   You don’t have to listen to the negative gnats that want to buzz in.

     o   The lovely scent of your joyful spirit will drive them away

>  Put a little extra layer on your sensitive parts too (The boys, Flynn & Mo, especially appreciate that!).

     o   If your feelings get easily hurt by perceived slights, or comments, TAKE ACTION!

     o   Sometimes you need to squash that bug by going directly to the source. our Spalding Fly Predator does that all summer – the “good” flies eat the biting flies while they are still in the pupa stage.  Before hurt grows up to bites you, have a conversation with the              source!

No need to get BUGGED!

Be Blessed,