Individual and Group Tutoring


Building Confidence With Horses

We serve K-12th grade students and adults, who are looking to enhance their reading skills.  Tutoring sessions are available by appointment throughout the summer.  

Both individual and group sessions include individual client assessments and activities designed to address reading challenges. 

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Reading Skills Covered May Include Learning To...

  • Build decoding (phonics) skills and sight word recognition

  • Enhance vocabulary development

  • Read quickly, accurately and with expression (fluency)

  • Overcome barriers blocking comprehension

  • Practice study skills

  • Comprehend text books

  • Decode new, unfamiliar, and multi-syllable words

  • Achieve higher order thinking

  • Use critical and creative thinking

New for 2019

Programs for individuals and small groups.

Strength Building HPR

Christian Faith Builder HPR

Horse Powered Reading Scholarships 


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Make a Difference Today  

In an effort to reach more children, we are in the process of setting up a scholarship fund for those who wish to give a monetary donation to help a child who might otherwise not be able to afford services.