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Topics Include: Horse Powered Reading, HPR research updates, Equine Assisted Learning, Experiential Reading, and other links of interest

The Unfolding of a Long Distance Longitudinal Study - EAGALA Model Horse Powered Reading: A Multi-Year Study   Dr. Michele Pickel, Dr. Sally Baas, April Lamburtus, Gale Dodd-Hayday,  Cross P Ranch & Rocky Lane School, Poster presentation at EAGALA  Conference, Murfreesboro, TN 2018

Horse Powered Reading: Increasing Literacy and Emotional Health of Students Dr. Michele Pickel and Dr. Sally Baas, Cross P Ranch, EAGALA Conference Murfreesboro, TN 2018

Horse Powered Reading: Using EAL to Help Struggling Readers Dr. Michele Pickel and Stacy Gustafson, Cross P Ranch, EAGALA Conference Nashville, TN 2013

Why Some Children Have Difficulties Learning to Read by By: G. Reid Lyon 

These Horses Help Students Learn by Ben Bohall, Producer/Reporter, NET New  A sensitivity to light and other symptoms discussed here may point to this.


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